potato-crust quiche

This recipe recreates a quiche we made for breakfast during Chelsea’s birthday boat cruise. We made two, but this was the bigger hit for sure, with it’s spicy sausage and crispy hash brown crust. I don’t think anyone even noticed that I overbaked it (besides my husband, because he’s the one

tomato tarte tatin

Before we jump into this recipe, let me take a moment to pen a love letter to tomatoes. I love tomatoes. They are delicious and healthy. And beautiful. And versatile! My husband once took me to a restaurant in Vancouver that had a special menu for one month of the summer where every dish

amazing food: to go

To celebrate Chelsea’s 30th birthday, her husband organized a surprise overnight sailing trip with a small group of her friends. I was in charge of food for the group – lunch, dinner, and a breakfast the next morning. Although essential for that whole “surprise” element, it was strange to plan