Annie and I are pretty used to hosting parties together, but sometimes its fun to work with different people to gain new knowledge and insight to different party planning techniques. This was a fun opportunity to host a baby shower for our friend, Katie, with a new friend of ours, Jennie.

It was easy to pick a theme for this couple. They love sailing, the sea, and all the creatures that come with those things. We decided to use the colors orange and shades of blue to match Katie’s baby room.

The decorations were as much fun as planning the food. Living on the west coast has the advantage of nautical themed decor in almost every boutique, antique shop and box store. It also helped that Jennie and I had a lot of these themed items already in our homes. Thanks mom and dad for the giant sailboat that didn’t fit in your home anymore, it made a perfect centerpiece for our display.

nautical baby shower decor | a couple of amateurs

Our friends all seem to have a sweet tooth. Plus there are a lot of candies that naturally fit into a nautical theme. That’s how we decided to add a candy bar to the party. Sailor’s knot licorice, pearlized gum balls and orange slice sailboats are all perfect additions to the display.

candy bar | nautical baby shower | a couple of amateurs

There were a lot of fun food ideas on Pinterest. We decided to make crab croissants, seashell pasta and lobster-in-the-veggies as the main snacks. We cut the crabs in half, because a whole croissant sandwich is a lot of food in the middle of the afternoon. We left three whole crabs on the top to create the look of full crabs. The fishnet was a nice touch to the display; it felt like the sea creatures came right out of the salty Pacific Ocean.

seashell pasta salad and crab croissants | food for a nautical baby shower | a couple of amateurs

Jennie took on the desserts and made oyster macarons, sea breeze mint brownies (Katie’s favorite) and sand dollar cookies. Here are a close up of those cinnamon-sugar delights. They turned out adorable and tasted delicious.

sand dollar snickerdoodles | nautical baby shower | a couple of amateurs

We wanted to do a couple of easy baby shower games that didn’t require too much time or thought. One of those games was “Guess How Many Goldfish” are in the jar. The lucky winner… Katie’s mom was within 27 goldfish of the actual count! Thanks to Jennie for counting all those goldfish, whew!

goldfish game | nautical baby shower | a couple of amateurs

This party was so much fun to plan and execute. Please share some of your nautical ideas with us! Until next time, happy sailing.

orange slice sailboats | nautical baby shower candy bar | a couple of amateurs

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